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I have provided mental health and substance abuse services for over 20 years. I am a firm believer that with positive support and encouragement change is possible. Everyone has their unique personalities that require unique treatment approaches. I also believe education is key to recovery and overall wellness.

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The following are some of the forms needed to start therapy services. They are here so that you may print and fill them out prior to your first appointment. In addition there is a release of information for your convenience if there is someone we forgot to add during our appointment. The release is here because all of your information is confidential unless you authorize in writing for that information to be released to another person or agency. This is in accordance with HIPPA and Federal regulation 42-CFR. 

Therapy services, or counseling, may have benefits and risks. The benefits of therapy may not be fully realized until several sessions have been completed. The risks of therapy are that it often involves discussing unpleasant or uncomfortable aspects of your life. As a result, individuals often experience intense emotions that they are not expecting. It is important for you to ask any questions you may have regarding your individual situation. There are times when things feel that they are getting worse before they start to get better. The time frames for therapy differ for each person. Time frames are based on the presenting problem, current stressors, and addiction or illness someone is working on.

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